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Eva la Yerbabuena Celebrated at the ‘Al Gurugú’ Flamenco Festival

The prestigious flamenco festival ‘Al Gurugú’, held in Arahal (Seville) in memory of the ‘Niña de los Peines’, includes a line-up of David Palomar, Tomatito, Antonio Reyes and Eva la Yerbabuena, who will receive the 'Verde que te quiero verde' award.

Every year in June, Flamenco-mania takes hold of Arahal. The Sevillian town once again hosts one of the great flamenco events, the ‘Memorial Niña de los Peines Al Gurugú’. Over two consecutive weekends, from the 8th to the 17th of June 2023, there will be performances by David Palomar, Tomatito, Antonio Reyes, Sandra Carrasco, David de Arahal, Manuela la del Moya, Antonio Moya, Antonio López and Eduardo Rebollar as well as Eva La Yerbabuena.


A preview of the twenty-first edition of the festival was held in the Casa de la Provincia de Arahal, where all the themes and programme details were presented to the press. The event poster, made by one of the most prominent painters in the Spanish art scene in Manuel León, contains his allegory entitled Pastora, la llave del pensamiento (Pastora, the key to thought). During the event, it was also revealed that the prestigious ‘Verde que te quiero verde’ award will go to Eva la Yerbabuena.


“This is an unbeatable opportunity to enjoy one of the most spectacular villages of Seville: La Campiña. Enjoy the food and the company. Enjoy its history of flamenco, which is still staunchly protected by the locals. Enjoy the little surprises you’ll find in the magical flamenco enclaves of this town,” explained the president of the Seville council, Fernando Rodríguez Villalobos, at the preview of the festival.


In addition, Ana María Barrios, the Mayor of Arahal, joined by the ‘Peña Flamenca de Arahal’ (Arahal flamenco association), expressed her enthusiasm as organisers of the event, “We take pride in the fact that we continue to put flamenco at the forefront of our town. We are a cradle and reference point for flamenco, which is built into the foundations of this town through our Visitor Centre, focussing on women in flamenco. We are proud, therefore, that a woman, Eva La Yerbabuena, also showcased in the Visitor Centre, is this year’s recipient of the ‘Verde que te quiero verde’ award.”


The programme starts on Thursday the 8th of June 2023 with the presentation of a research project based on the poems of Federico García Lorca. Devised by the playwright Alfonso Jiménez Romero more than 40 years ago, members of the flamenco association will now bring the work to the stage, performed by locals and directed by Rafael Guisado Pérez, another great amateur who lived with Jiménez Romero.


The performances are spread over two weekends. Saturday the 17th of June will be the final day of the festival, when the ‘Verde que te quiero verde’ award will be presented to Eva la Yerbabuena “in recognition of her successful career as a choreographer and dancer” in a ceremony presented by our colleague Juan Garrido. To close the event, the Yerbabuena show will be performed by Paco Jarana, Manuel José Muñoz El Pájaro, Alfredo Tejada, Segundo Falcón and Miguel Ortega.


All the shows take place at the Teatro Municipal de Arahal from 21:30. Tickets for each event of the festival can be purchased on the online sales platform, teatro.arahal.org or at the Casa de la Cultura in Arahal. A full ticket is available for €25.00, which grants access to the entire programme.


In addition, there are two illustrated lectures with free admission. The first falls on the 7th of June 2023, titled Cien años de Fernanda de Utrera y Lola Flores. Flamenco, cuplé and copla (One hundred years of Fernanda de Utrera and Lola Flores. Flamenco, ‘cuplé y copla’), with Manuela la del Moya singing and Antonio Moya on guitar. On the 14th of June 2023, Manuel Curao, the singer Antonio López and the guitarist Eduardo Rebollar will present Flamenco y televisión. La puerta del cante (Flamenco and Television. An insight into singing). During the festival, the Centro de Interpretación de la Mujer en el Flamenco (CIMFLA Arahal) will also be open to the public for anyone interested in seeing the exhibition first-hand.





The Full Programme for the 2023 Festival

Niña de los Peines Al Gurugú Memorial Programme 2023

Friday 9 June

Universo flamenco (Flamenco Universe), by David Palomar. With Rafael Rodríguez El Cabeza, Anavel Valencia and Roberto Jaén.

Saturday 10 June

Tomatito with a group of musicians.

Thursday 15 June

Singing performance by Antonio Reyes.

Friday 16th June

Recordando a Marchena (Remembering Marchena), by Sandra Carrasco and David de Arahal. With Los Mellis and José Luis López on cello.

Saturday 17th June

Presentation of the ‘Verde que te quiero verde’ award to Eva la Yerbabuena.

Yerbabuena show with Paco Jarana, Manuel José Muñoz El Pájaro, Alfredo Tejada, Segundo Falcón and Miguel Ortega.



Translation by Matthew Osborne


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