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Flamenco Beats at Córdoba’s ‘Centro Flamenco Fosforito’

Festival Latidos Flamencos (Flamenco Beats Festival) will take place between August 22nd and August 29th, in Córdoba, with saxophone and piano as the main protagonists.

The third edition of the Festival Latidos Flamencos (Flamenco Beats Festival) is up and running. The Centro Flamenco Fosforito will once again hold this even at Potro Square, in Córdoba, on August 22nd and 29th, 2019. As usual, this series is dedicated to musical instruments other than the traditional flamenco guitar. For the current edition, the invited artists are the saxophonist Juan Diego Sáez, from Córdoba, and the pianist Laura de los Ángeles, from Seville

The instrumentalist of Fernán Núñez will be in charge of opening this series on Thursday, August 22nd, at 10 PM. In his concert, Juan Diego Sáez will explore his deep roots in flamenco, evoking artists of the stature of Camarón, Paco de Lucía, Enrique Morente and Pepe Marchena with his show Origen. This saxophonist adds a very personal touch where flamenco is infused with nuances of jazz and contemporary music.

In this occasion, Juan Diego Sáez will be joined on stage by Bernardo Miranda in cante, Juan Marín El Juani on the guitar, Juanma Ruiz on bass, Miguel Santiago on percussion and Yolanda Osuna, from Córdoba, in baile.

The following date is Thursday, August 29th, also at 10 PM. The pianist Laura de los Ángeles will add her voice and music to her show Mar de Esperanza (Sea of Hope), which features a fusion of flamenco with other musical genres from around the world.

De los Ángeles will be joined on stage by Andrés Malpica in baile, Iván Cueto in the battery and percussion, Nolo Ruiz with the electric bass, Jesús Fernández with the transverse flute and the saxophone, and Manu López with the violoncello.

Latidos Flamencos thus becomes established as a pioneering musical series which highlights the importance of different composers and instrumentalists who focus on instruments other than flamenco guitar. In just three years, this event has been able to gather some of the best instrumentalist in flamenco with a very appealing program.

Admission to the concerts is free until full capacity is reached.


Program of the Festival Latidos Flamencos

Thursday, August 22nd (10 PM)
Artist: Juan Diego Sáez (Saxophone)

  • Juan Diego Sáez, saxophone and cante.
  • Bernardo Miranda, cante.
  • Juan Marín “El Juani”, guitar.
  • Juanma Ruiz, bass.
  • Miguel Santiago, percussion.
  • Yolanda Osuna, baile.


Thursday, August 29th (10 PM)
Artist: Laura de los Ángeles (Piano)

  • Laura de los Ángeles: compositions, musical arrangements, piano, voice, directing.
  • Andrés Malpica: baile
  • Iván Cueto: battery and percussion
  • Nolo Ruíz: electric bass
  • Jesús Fernández: transverse flute and saxophone
  • Manu López: violonccelo



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