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Madrid’s ‘Café Berlín’ presents its 3rd Club Flamenco Festival

This popular popular venue in the Spanish capital has programmed eight shows for the weekends of November. Rocío Molina, Rafael Riqueni, Pepe Habichuela, Israel Fernández and Duquende are among the featured artists.

The new Café Berlín de Madrid has presented the program of its 3rd Club Flamenco Festival  to take place on the weekends between November 8th and November 30th, 2019. In an event which took place at the café itself, its manager, Andrés Almada, and the programmer of the festival, the percussionist José Manuel Ruiz Bandolero, were joined by the flamencologist José Luis Ortiz Nuevo to announce the news of this third edition. After the presentation, the attendees were able to enjoy the cante of the young Israel Fernández and the toque of Juan José Suárez Paquete.

To understand the spirit of this venue we must recall the mythical Café Berlín which was located on number 4 Jacometrezo Steet, next to Metro Callao. For forty years it filled Madrid’s evenings on a daily basis with live performances featuring all musical genres, from jazz, blues and flamenco to pop, soul and folk. In 2016, when the current management had been at the helm for five years, Café Berlín had to close due to speculation, but reopened with the same name two months later on Costanilla de los Ángeles, less than three hundred feet from the previous location.

The public at Café Berlin is unusually close to the artists. Club Flamenco Festival was born and grows with the essential elements that form its soul. The passion for quality flamenco and the «eagerness to create spaces where the public and the artists can be together», stated the programmers. «This series was created with the purpose of opening other venues for this genre, proposing an original concept which combines the proximity that tablaos offer with the artistic freedom allowed by theaters».  The shows can be enjoyed both sitting or standing. Total capacity is 254 people.



  • Friday November 8th – Diego Amador– Huellas de Camarón
  • Saturday November 9th– Israel Fernándezand Diego del Morao – Nuevas Voces del Flamenco. De Cerca
  • Friday November 15th– Rocío Molina– Baile de Autor
  • Saturday November 16th– Rocío Molina– Baile de Autor
  • Friday November 22nd – La Tremendita– Nuevas Voces del Flamenco
  • Saturday November 23rd– Carmona, Colina y Bandolero– Flamenco Transfronterizo
  • Friday November 29th– Duquende con Paquete– Huellas de Camarón
  • Saturday November 30th– Pepe Habichuela & Rafael Riqueni– La Guitarra Suena. Esencia


All sessions will start at 11 PM sharp.

Pre-paid admission: € 18 standing – € 22 seated.

Box office: € 22 standing – € 26 seated.


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