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Manuel Liñán’s ‘¡Viva!’ awarded Festival de Jerez’s Critics’ Prize.

The artist from Granada, awarded this prize for the second time, came on top in a tight voting session closely disputed by Marco Flores and the Ballet Nacional de España

The 21st Critics’ Prize, part of the 24th edition of the Festival de Jerez, has been awarded to Manuel Liñán for his show ¡Viva!, performed on February 28th, 2020 at the Villamarta Theater. This prize, which has been jointly organized by the Chair of Flamencology and Folkloric Studies of Jerez and the Regulatory Council of Jerez Wine since 1999, has been awarded by the voting of critics and journalists accredited by the Festival de Jerez who evaluated the various productions performed at the Villamarta Theater.

In this edition, a total of fourteen votes were casted. Five were awarded to Manuel Liñán’s ¡Viva!, four to Marco Flores‘s Rayuela, three to Ballet Nacional de España‘s Invocación, and one each for Antonio Fernández El Farru’s Por un sueño and María Moreno’s De la Concepción.

According to its dossier, ¡Viva! is a show conceived as “a song for the freedom of movement, where the feminine is embraced as its own by the masculine body, where the patterns of gender in a rigidly codified world as flamenco are broken with joy and pleasure, creating new spaces which, although unexplored, seem close to us…”. “It’s our identity, our way to approach a different aesthetic. It’s a personal proposition by each of us”, stated Manuel Liñán on the day he presented his production at the San Ginés Cellar.

Besides Manuel Liñán, bailaores Miguel Ángel Heredia, Manuel Betanzos, Jonathan Miró, Hugo López, Víctor Martín and Daniel Ramos also performed in this show. The cast was completed by the voices of David Carpio and Antonio Campos, the guitar of Francisco Vinuesa, the violin of Víctor Guadiana and the percussion of Kike Terrón.

It’s the second time that this bailaor from Granada has been honored with this prize, as in the year 2016, on occasion of the 20th Festival de Jerez, he also received this award for his show Reversible.

The Chair of Flamencology and the Regulatory Council wish to thank the support and good-will of all the journalists and critics who each year take part in this award ceremony of the Festival de Jerez.


Image above: Manuel Liñán (photo: Javier Fergó – Festival de Jerez)


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