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‘Tablao Cardamomo Flamenco Madrid’ sponsors new artists

In its 25th anniversary ‘Tablao Cardamomo Flamenco Madrid’ creates scholarships to train future flamenco artists

The boys and girls who actively participate in arte flamenco will be the protagonists in the next anniversary of this renowned tablao in Spain’s capital. On the same day as Flamenco International Day, November 16th, Cardamomo Flamenco Madrid celebrates its 25th birthday, having started showcasing flamenco in 1994. To celebrate this great milestone, the team of this tablao has created the Cardamomo Scholarships. The goal of this initiative is to train future flamenco artists, as well as including new aficionados, and, by doing so, promoting the development of flamenco culture.

The scholarships are meant for children and teenagers between the ages of 2 and 16 who are in the process of developing their artistic talents in baile, cante or toque and wish to get trained to become professional artists. The main goal is to integrate the future talent of flamenco and overcome the exclusion sometimes experienced in this art form.

Great and renowned artists who have been performing at Cardamomo since its early days, such as Tomatito, Estrella Morente, Diego El Cigala, Jorge Pardo and Antonio Carmona, among others, will collaborate with this project, sponsoring the children aspiring to these scholarships

On November 16th, Cardamomo Tablao Flamenco will be handed over to boys and girls so they can enjoy and feel flamenco in its most pure state. They will be the protagonists of the show.

Patricia Espín, who is in charge of Cardamomo’s communications, has said that «comparing with other art genres, there is a certain discrimination in flamenco when it comes to giving opportunities to the little ones. We are aware that some of these boys and girls don’t have the resources to train and develop their talent without having to neglect their schooling, because since its early days flamenco has belonged to the humblest social classes. Thus, we believe it’s essential to start training flamenco artists since an early age. The whole team at Cardamomo are proud and looking forward to celebrate its 25th anniversary promoting flamenco among the younger ones with the creation of the Cardamomo Scholarships».

Photo: Cardamomo Flamenco Madrid website



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