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Women in Flamenco Day at Madrid’s ‘Círculo Flamenco’

The fundraising event on the evening of march 14th will have the generous participation of the family of cantaor Antonio Reyes.

Thursday, March 14th, the Círculo Flamenco de Madrid will stage a fundraising evening to celebrate its own Women in Flamenco Day, wishing to contribute its part to the vindication of the importance of woman in all aspects of life, including flamenco.

To achieve this, they’ll have the participation of Remedios Reyes in cante, Patricia Valdés in baile and Nono Reyes in the guitar. They are, respectively, sister, wife and son of cantaor Antonio Reyes. The rhythm of palmas will be in charge of his brother Juan Ramón Reyes and his brother-in-law Tate Núñez.

All funds raised will be donated to the Ana Bella Foundation, a non-profit private entity that supports women who are victims of gender-based violence. The testimony of Ana Bella Estévez made headlines and went viral in the social networks in 2003 when, tired of being mistreated by her husband, she dared to denounce him publicly.

Before the show, a round table will take place, with the participation of Patricia Valdés herself, the writer Margot Molina, the bailaora Antonia Moya and Rosalía Vicente, representative of the Foundation. Admission is 30 euros.

Place and date: Sala Off Latina (calle Mancebos, 4). March 14th, 2019, 9 PM.

Presenters: María Gavira and Silvia Marín.


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