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New energy for ExpoFlamenco

In ExpoFlamenco we believe in the young people who want to become flamenco critics, flamencologists or researchers.

In ExpoFlamenco we believe in the young people who want to become flamenco critics, flamencologists or researchers. In the new year we’ll have a new design, new sections and a different editorial line. Opinion articles will remain the basic core of our website, but we’ll focus more on current flamenco events, which is essential to remain relevant as a trusted source of flamenco information. As the one managing the content of this website, I want to encourage young people to become involved in our exciting project of taking flamenco to all the corners of the world, giving aficionados a space for discussion, not just as readers but also as writers.

There are many good, young writers in the social networks who could have their own space here, either by having their own blog or by regularly submitting opinion articles, interviews or research works. The idea is having a new generation of flamenco critics, flamencologists and researchers, and we offer our website to anyone who believes they can contribute anything important. This doesn’t mean that we’ll publish whatever is sent to us, but we’ll definitely read and analyse everything carefully, so we can give a space to what is truly interesting to our thousands of readers all over the world.

We are very interested in flamenco research. If any young writer lives in a town where an interesting flamenco artists lives or was born, we’d love to be able to publish their biography or interview. There are many cases of flamenco artists who ended up forgotten precisely because no one bothered writing about them. We’d like to prevent this from happening and make these artists known by all. On the other hand, it often happens that great flamenco recitals are given in peñas, yet only those who attended the performances end up knowing anything about it. Those things must be told, and we also want to contribute in this regard.

We are also interested in having a good amount of flamenco blogs and I know that there are many young people who would consider this option. That’s something we’d love, because it’s important that they are able to write directly from their homes, about what they consider to be interesting, be it a flamenco concert review, an interview, research works or opinion articles.

Wait until Christmas is over, consider what you’d like to do and let us know. We’ll listen to all proposals, not matter how outlandish they may seem. We want young people to participate and become involved in this art we’re so passionate about. We want to grow with the future of flamenco.

Translated by P. Young



Arahal, Sevilla, 1958. Crítico de flamenco, periodista y escritor. 40 años de investigación flamenca en El Correo de Andalucía. Autor de biografías de la Niña de los Peines, Carbonerillo, Manuel Escacena, Tomás Pavón, Fernando el de Triana, Manuel Gerena, Canario de Álora...