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Expanding and preserving flamenco by supporting artists and professionals in earning a livelihood while connecting Flamenco enthusiasts from all around the world.


With over 600,000 impressions per month, we provide flamenco enthusiasts the opportunity to immerse themselves in and experience authentic Flamenco music, dance, and culture.

Expoflamenco TV, available now.

Our mission is to bring flamenco closer to enthusiasts and professionals worldwide, providing a unique and comprehensive experience through our premium OTT services. With just one click, you'll be able to access an extensive catalog of content, thoughtfully curated to showcase the best of flamenco in all its forms

No matter where you are or the time of day, our platform offers you the freedom to enjoy flamenco on demand, allowing you to watch content anywhere and at a time that suits you best. Whether you want to relive great past performances, discover new talents, or immerse yourself in intimate interviews with the genre's most prominent artists, you'll find everything you need here to enrich your passion for flamenco.

With a focus on quality and diversity, our platform aims to be the ultimate destination for lovers of this art, delivering an unparalleled experience that allows you to immerse yourself in the cultural and emotional richness of flamenco.

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Flamenco community

Welcome to the Expoflamenco community, a place where flamenco enthusiasts come together to share their passion and enhance their understanding of this unique and captivating art!

Our community is a virtual space designed to be the gathering point for all those who share a common interest: flamenco. Here, you can connect with enthusiasts and professionals from around the world who share your love for this unique artistic expression.

We thrive on collaboration and the exchange of ideas. Here, you can discover discussion forums where various flamenco-related topics are debated, ranging from analyses of musical styles and choreographies to recommendations for emerging artists and essential classics.


Our development roadmap

Expoflamenco Radio

Feel the heartbeat of Flamenco in every note! Expoflamenco Radio is your musical station exclusively dedicated to the art of flamenco. Immerse yourself in a world of emotions, passionate rhythms, and melodic guitars that will transport you to the most iconic tablados of Andalusia and beyond.

Events organization

At Expoflamenco, we excel at crafting unforgettable Flamenco experiences. Our event organization will immerse you in the very essence of flamenco, featuring a meticulous selection of renowned artists and emerging talents. From intimate gatherings in Flamenco clubs to spectacular galas in theaters.

Expoflamenco tours

Uncover the authentic world of Flamenco through our captivating cultural tours. We'll take you to the most iconic corners of the flamenco birthplace, allowing you to immerse yourself in its essence. Our expert guides will lead you through cobblestone streets and historic taverns.

Our marketing strategies

Breaking barriers and uniting enthusiasts with professionals worldwide, supporting artists, channeling their art, and providing a network of tools to bring flamenco to the entire world.

Flamenco radio

Your favorite flamenco music available to you anytime, anywhere.

Nº1 Portal

The world's largest flamenco portal with over half a million monthly impressions.

Best localization

Based in the cradle of flamenco and reaching every enthusiast and professional of flamenco.

Biggest network

Breaking down barriers and uniting all flamenco communities worldwide.

Who are we?

We believe that Flamenco has the power to promote peace and understanding in the world. We provide a virtual space for all Flamenco enthusiasts and their communities with the goal of sharing and promoting both local and global Flamenco.

Our mission is to facilitate interaction and communication among enthusiasts, professionals, students, businesses, and Flamenco organizations with the goal of preserving and spreading the best of Flamenco art.

And we continue to work tirelessly to keep expanding

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Contents Director

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Contents Director

José María Castaño

Flamenco Scholar

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