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Estrella Morente enthralls with her “Copla”

Born in Granada’s Sacromonte, when Estrella Morente sings flamenco, people listen. Her new album is a tribute to the legends of this genre, such as Lola Flores, Imperio Argentina and Juana Reina, among others.

Born in Granada’s Sacromonte, when Estrella Morente sings flamenco, people listen. The daughter of the celebrated Enrique Morente breaks her studio silence with an overwhelming album. Titled Copla, it is part of the project she had stared with her father, who passed away in 2010.

For several years, flamenco lovers have waited for Estrella’s comeback. Her successful album Encuentros, edited in collaboration with the Spanish pianist Javier Perianes, is now behind us. Copla is as explicit as it is emphatic. A musical torrent revealing the sweeping personality of this artist, it is a revolution in the landscape of traditional flamenco.

Estrella Morente is a point of reference for the aficionados of this noble art, and also for the lovers of music in general. She is able to mix influences from her beloved Granada with the latest trends in flamenco’s evolution.

This new album bets on copla, a Spanish musical genre from the old days which reappears strongly in Morente’s voice. It’s a well-rounded discographic work, pure and orthodox, but including Estrella’s unique and personal elements. It is a musical jewel, as can be attested by its first track, Soledad. Yet, there are plenty of reinterpreted classic songs, such as Yo soy esa, Suspiros de España or the mythical ¡Ay pena, penita! All done under the watchful eye of producer Isidro Muñoz.

Copla is also a tribute to the main singers of this genre, such as Lola Flores, Imperio Argentina and Juana Reina, among others. «All of them helped me to understand that copla is life itself», explained Morente in an interview in Eldiario.es. «My music is increasingly less flag, country and anthem. My music comes from the heart, from feelings», concluded this cantaora.


Track list

  1. Madrina
  2. Antonio Vargas Heredia
  3. Rosío
  4. Soledad
  5. ¡Ay pena, penita!
  6. La niña de puerta oscura
  7. Miedo
  8. El día que nací yo
  9. Amante de abril y mayo
  10. Triniá
  11. Yo soy esa
  12. 12. Suspiros de España


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