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Miguel Poveda celebrates thirty years of music

This artist from Barcelona continues his international tour after being awarded a gold record for his double album ‘El tiempo pasa volando’

Miguel Poveda (Badalona, 1973) is at the sweetest moment of his career. After being awarded a gold record for his double album El tiempo pasa volando, this artist began an international tour with the same name at Madrid’s Teatro Real. The purpose of this tour is to celebrate the thirty years that Poveda has been performing on stages. As he himself puts it in his website, «my 30 years of music».

This musician, born in Barcelona but adopted by Seville, combines his talent as traditional flamenco cantaor with incursions into other genres, such as copla andaluza, boleros and lyric or melodic songs. His commitment to not limit himself to any given musical genre has earned him both praise and censure from the most conservative corners in flamenco.

The spirit of this tour is implicit in this trilogy formed by the two CDs of his latest album El tiempo pasa volando and his previous record EnLorquecido, his most committed and lyric work about the poet Federico García Lorca. Thus, his concerts comprise three perfectly defined hours. The second CD of his double album is a serious record of cante jondo, where we find bulerías por soleá, seguiriyas, tientos tangos, fandangos, guajiras, granaínas, cantes del Piyayo, a malagueña del Canario and a murciana.

The first CD of El tiempo pasa volando is a tribute to the music of Miguel’s childhood. That’s the time when he would buy cassette tapes at gas stations and listen to the radio in his neighborhood in Barcelona. Los ChichosLos ChunguitosParritaLole y ManuelTijeritasChiqueteteLos Panchos and José Luis Rodríguez El Puma.

After his recent recital in Bogota on September 11th, the next tour dates are the following:

  • October 6th – Donostia (Basque country)
  • October 11th – Cartagena (Murcia)
  • November 15th – Gran Canaria
  • November 16th – Tenerife
  • November 28th, 29th and 30th – Cádiz
  • December 10th – Barcelona
  • December 14th – Seville
  • December 23rd – Madrid




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