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Manolo Bohórquez gives the conference ‘Pioneros del XIX’ at Espacio Expoflamenco in Jerez

Espacio Expoflamenco Jerez hosts on Saturday, January 14, the conference 'Pioneros del Flamenco,' given by flamencologist Manuel Bohórquez. It will be at 12 noon with free admission until full capacity is reached.

The result of long years of research, in which Manolo Bohórquez has delved into and collated countless documents of all kinds, the project Flamenco Pioneers< was born. /em>. A window into the history of jondo art and its creators with exceptional rigor and which now comes to Jerez in the form of a conference.


As the author has admitted, with this dissertation he tries to do justice to the artists of the 19th century, who died destitute, even though they were the creators of this wonder that today has conquered the world. Thus, based on an exhaustive audiovisual support, the speaker will offer a passage through highly relevant figures in the configuration of flamenco art and of whom there was very little or biased news. Such are some cases such as El Planeta, Silverio or Frasco El Colorao, among many others, and given this illustrious visit to Jerez, it is understood that abundant information will be offered on interpreters of the city, many of whom settled in Seville.



«Writer and lecturer, Manuel Bohórquez has removed a thousand archives searching through ecclesiastical, civil, military archives, cemeteries, libraries, newspaper archives, record catalogues, posters and photography to configure this essential project: the Pioneers of XIX flamenco »


The conference Pioneros del flamenco takes place on Saturday, January 14, at 12 noon, at Espacio Expoflamenco, located at the 6 of the Los Ramos Building on Diego Fernández Herrera street, in Jerez. Admission is free until full capacity. Its content will be broadcast on a delayed basis on the Expoflamenco channels.


Manolo Bohórquez Casado is a reference in the world of flamenco: his cultural dissemination from different spaces such as El Correo de Andalucía or the present portal Expoflamenco, of which he is director. Writer and lecturer, he has removed a thousand files searching among ecclesiastical, civil, military, cemeteries, libraries, newspaper archives, record catalogues, posters and photography, as well as in conversations with descendants and other relatives to configure this essential project. As a result of a lifetime dedicated to jondo art, he has received awards such as the National Award from the Jerez Chair of Flamencology or the International Flamenco Award granted by the Andalusian School of Flamenco, among many others.


Note: The meeting with pianist David Peña Dorantes scheduled for Friday, January 13, has been moved to Friday, January 27, at 8:30 p.m. Sorry for the inconvenience.





Crítico flamenco de Jerez de la Frontera (1970). Locutor desde 1992 del programa de radio 'Los caminos del cante'. Licenciado en Derecho por la Universidad de Cádiz y autor de los libros 'De Jerez y sus cantes', 'Manuel Soto Sordera, la elegancia del duende' y 'La Albarizuela: el tercer barrio gitano y flamenco de Jerez'.