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‘Flamenco Festival New York’ presents its 20th edition in Seville

In a firm break with tradition, Rocío Márquez, Israel Galván, Rosario La Tremendita and Niño de Elche, among others, will represent flamenco in the biggest showcase of this art outside Spain. The festival will take place between March 12th to April 5th with a total of 79 performances in 20 different venues.

Flamenco Festival celebrates 20 years in New York with what, according to its director, Miguel Marín, is the «largest flamenco showcase in history to be presented outside Spain». This was stated in the presentation that took place at the Meridional restaurant located in the Alfalfa district of downtown Seville. Flanked by the venue’s open-air fireplaces where gourmet Gypsy potajes (vegetable stews) were being cooked, Miguel Marín welcomed the media, artists, friends and public authorities. Among the latter were Patricia del Pozo, Junta de Andalucía’s minister of Culture and Historic Heritage, Almudena Bocanegra, manager of the Andalusian Agency of Cultural Organizations, Isabel Ojeda, general director of Culture at Seville’s City Council, and Antonio Zoido, director of the Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla.

«The festival has become the driving force in promoting flamenco on the international stage» (Miguel Marín)

Miguel Marín gave a brief summary of the format of the festival, providing impressive figures. From March 12th to April 5th, Flamenco Festival will take over the Big Apple with a total of 79 performances in 20 different venues. Among the most important are the New York City Center, The Town Hall, the Lincoln Center, Le Poisson Rouge and the Skirball. The estimated number of spectators is about 40,000. Thus, since the year 2001, this festival «has become the driving force in promoting flamenco on the international stage». Marín praised the contribution of private sponsors while stating the need of support from the public institutions.

With the slogan Breaking walls, uniting worldsFlamenco Festival New York firmly breaks with tradition to build a new musical language, as can be attested by the fact that the opening show of the festival is by bailaor Israel Galván, the participation of avant-garde artists such as Rocío Molina, Rocío Márquez, Eduardo Guerrero, Los Voluble and Rosario la Tremendita and the inclusion of the controversial Niño de Elche in the lineup. The counterbalance will be provided by Rancapino Chico, Santiago Lara, María Pagés and Mercedes Ruiz, among others.

The director of the festival was joined by several of the participating artists, who spoke one after another. Among them were María Pagés, Rocío Márquez, Miguel Heredia, Lin Cortés, María Moreno, Los Voluble, Rancapino Chico and Mercedes Ruiz. Jesús Carmona, representing Fundación SGAE, which will resume its Flamenco Eñe program, also spoke to the attendees. The presentation was enlivened by the performance of another avant-garde artist, Maui de Utrera, and the guitar of Paco Soto. At the end of the act, those in attendance were able to enjoy the very satisfying potaje.

Image: Lolo Vasco / Tres Culturas



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