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The ‘Sofa Flamenco’ online Festival is born in Prague

A charity festival with a brilliant lineup and the stamp of the Czech Republic. The organizers of 'Den flamenka' have created the online flamenco festival #FlamencoDeSofa, featuring David Pérez, Karime Amaya, Nino de los Reyes, Choro Molina, Fuensanta La Moneta, Pol Vaquero, Adrián Santana and Mónica Fernández. It will take place in June and July 2020.

The organizers of the Den flamenka / Día del flamenco Praga festival have launched a charitable project in behalf of the Spanish flamenco artists affected by the ongoing pandemic, sponsored by H.E. Ambassador of Spain in the Czech Republic. Den flamenka, first held in 2015, features four days of live flamenco in the theaters of Prague, Czech Republic. Thanks to this initiative, they have been in touch with many companies and artists in the flamenco world. Considering the difficult situation in Spain, they decided to support the flamenco artists by creating an online festival.

This organization has thus launched the online flamenco festival #FlamencoDeSofa, featuring renowned artists in this first edition: David Pérez, Karime Amaya, Nino de los Reyes, Choro Molina, Fuensanta La Moneta, Pol Vaquero, Adrián Santana and Mónica Fernández. The main goal is to promote the work of flamenco artists and raise money through donations. The funds collected will be deposited in the accounts of the participating companies and artists. The payment platform is secure and transparent.

Culture is global, and we should never waive our right to have access to it. With this project, the organizers do their part in promoting the development of artistic creation. However, it is essential that the information about this festival and the program of #FlamencoDeSofa reaches as much people as possible, well beyond geographic borders. Thus, they are seeking help in finding partners among the organizations, institutions, cultural agents, etc., who wish to support the Spanish artists and collaborate with the promotion of the festival by publicizing it through all possible means, including the social networks. The names of the collaborators are included in the #FlamencoDeSofa official website.

Festival Online #FlamencoDeSofa

  • Start date: June 4th, 2020
  • End date: July 29th, 2020
  • Event structure: Each Thursday in June and July, 2020, at 7 PM Spanish time (10 AM PST / 1 PM EST) a recording from a renowned company will be broadcast. The shows/concerts will be available in all channels (YouTube, Facebook, website) for a week after the on-line premiere. The concerts can be watched for free or a donation can be made for the artist/company. After a week, the video will be replaced with another recorded performance.



June 4th: David Pérez – Puntal
June 11th: Karime Amaya – La Fuente
June 18th: Nino de los Reyes – Tierra 
June 25th: Choro Molina – Bayles de Gitanos
July 2nd: La Moneta – Muy especial
July 9th: Pol Vaquero – Antojo
July 16th: Adrián Santana – Simbiosis
July 23rd: Mónica Fernández – Comadre

The festival can be watched in YouTube’s Fiesta Flamenca channel.


Image above: festival Día del Flamenco 2017 Prague: Remedios & Duquende (Fiesta Flamenca YouTube channel)



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