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Twenty great artists at Cava Flamenco Festival in Miami

Cava Tablao Flamenco Restaurant, one of Miami’s flamenco sanctuaries, is opening its doors again after the Covid-19 lockdown with a first-class festival featuring over twenty artists, endorsed by Antonio Canales, Karime Amaya, Manuel Tañe and Iván Vargas, among others

When José Canto ­­— Pepe, as he is referred by all — made reality his dream of opening a flamenco tablao at the heart of Ocho Street in Miami eight years ago, he didn’t expect it would be as successful as it became. Indeed, Cava Flamenco is the only tablao flamenco in the United States open year-round, five days per week. It is a sanctuary where anyone can immerse themselves in arte jondo. Yet, the health crisis caused by Covid-19 forced its closure for three months. Now, it is back with the 1st Cava Flamenco Festival.

From Thursday, June 18th to Sunday, June 21st, over 20 artists of guitar, cante and baile will perform at Cava Tablao Flamenco Restaurant, a grand-reopening where flamenco will grace the stage with first-class shows.

After having to close his venue, Pepe started a GoFundMe fundraising campaign to try to minimize the financial distress caused by the health crisis. Artists such as Karime Amaya — grandaughter of Carmen Amaya —, Manuel TañeAntonio CanalesIsaac Tovar, Sara Corea, Miguel Cañas, Iván Vargas Heredia and Raquel Heredia Reyes, among others, have publicly expressed their support for the reopening of that mythical tablao in the United States.


Program of the 1st Festival Cava Flamenco

Thursday, June 18th (show starting at 8:30 PM)
Juan de Alba – Cante and poetry
José Yunco – Baile
Mayelu – Baile
Carla Ochoa – Baile
Alejandro Navarro – Guitar and cante


Friday, June 19th (double bill, starting at 8 PM and 11 PM)
José Luis de la Paz – Guitar concert
Magela Herrera – Flute
Adolfo Herrera – Percussion
Niurka Márquez – Baile

Felipe Carvajal – Guitar concert
Alejandro Navarro – Cante
Adolfo Herrera – Percussion
María Mercedes Pérez – Baile


Saturday June 20th (double bill, starting at 8 PM and 11 PM)
Sandra Bara – Baile
Cachela Judez – Cante
Alejandro Navarro – Cante
José M. Alconchel – Guitar
Walter Castro – Percussion

Irene Lozano La Chiqui – Baile
Grettel Cuevas – Baile
La Negri – Cante
José M. Alconchel – Guitar
Miguel de la Rua – Percussion


Sunday June 21st (triple bill starting at 1:30 PM, 4:30 PM and 8:00 PM)
Laila La Pescaílla – Baile
Jorge Robledo – Baile
La Negri – Cante
Víctor Barrios – Guitar

Ania Díaz – Baile
Mariela Mejía – Cante
Víctor Barrios – Guitar
Miguel de la Rua – Percussion

Cuadro flamenco La Cava de Pepe


Image above: perrformance at Cava Tablao Flamenco Restaurant (Cava Tablao Miami Facebook page)




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