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Juan Carmona directs Les Nuits Flamencas in Aubagne, France

Les Nuits Flamencas will be celebrated from June 30th to July 3rd, 2022, in Aubagne and Gémenos (Côte d'Azur, France). Performing among others will be Mercedes de Córdoba, Diego Amador Trío and the Antonio Najarro Company. And it is the only free international flamenco event in France.

The French town of Aubagne (Côte d’Azur) will host its seventh edition of flamenco nights: Les Nuits Flamencas from June 30th to July 2nd, 2022. It will be held in different locations around the area: Esplanade de Gaulle, Teatro Comoedia, Cinema le Pagnol and Espace des Libertés. The program will also be extended to the following day, July 3rd, at Gémenos (Théâtre de Verdure).


Together with the city of Aubagne, Nomades Kultur and the Aubagne Développement Culture et Création association, guitarist Juan Carmona wanted to create an international flamenco festival in his city, highlighting the great figures of flamenco but also the artists of the new generation, in a typically Andalusian environment. Since 2015, the festival has offered a high-quality, yet non-elitist, program that presents the best of traditional and contemporary flamenco. Les Nuits Flamencas offer an authentic discovery of Flamenco Art: where spectators can become participators, taking part in the festival by learning Sevillanas dance or attending masterclasses. During the festival, the city will be immersed in an Andalusian atmosphere and various parts of the city taken over with the programming: music, dance, masterclasses, introduction to the Sevillanas, cinema, exhibitions, and conferences, Andalusian people, Sevillian dance and much more.


In an effort to make flamenco culture accessible to everyone, Les Nuits Flamencas festival is free. While offering a high-quality program, the festival is the only free international Flamenco event in France. Finally, this year the festival invites the neighbouring towns of the Aubagne region to host several shows as part of the “Off” of Les Nuits Flamencas.


Juan Carmona, artistic director

After the success of Les Nuits Flamencas de Châteauvallon, Juan Carmona wanted to create an event of international prestige for his city. Carmona is considered one of the best guitarists and composers of his generation. Acclaimed by the greatest figures of flamenco, Juan Carmona wanders through the mysterious charms of his music. His work ensures continuity between musical modernity and the traditional and lively flamenco of Jerez. On his world tour (United States, China, Canada and more), his albums have received some of the greatest international recognition, including several nominations for the Latin Grammy Awards in the category “Best Flamenco Album of the Year”. A musician without borders, his new work, Zyriab 6.7 has recently been released. A concept album with an exceptional cast that traces the journey of the poet-musician Zyriab, making a stopover in the Mediterranean, travelling 6,743 km from Baghdad to Córdoba. Each stop on the trip is a musical invitation with an emblematic artist: Ibrahim Maalouf, NaseerShamma, Duquende, Dorantes, Wissam Joubran, El Pele, BijanChemirani, Istanbul Strings, YoubaAdjrad, PtitMoh… They are all rooted in the work of their ancestors, yet ready to take on a modern spin. That’s how Juan Carmona is: timeless, elusive, and undeniably flamenco.


Les Nuits Flamencas 2022: provisional program

Thursday 30th June

21:00 Flamenco Jazz Night: Diego Amador Trío, guest dancer Nazaret Reyes
In collaboration with Marseille Jazz des Cinq Continents festival | Teatro Comoedia


Friday 1st July


18:30  Screening of the film Trance de Emilio Belmonte | Cine le Pagnol
19:30 Animated film (Instrument manufacturing workshop) | Explanada de Gaulle
20:00 Introduction to Sevillana dance with Andalucian Air and Flamenco Accent Escena Sevillana – Explanada de Gaulle
20:45 and 23:30 Giraldillo – “BalSévillan” | Escenario en Sevilla – Explanada de Gaulle
22:00 Cia Antonio Najarro | Main Stage – Esplanade de Gaulle Sábado 2 de julio
18:30 Talk with artistic director Juan Carmona. Location to be confirmed
19:30 Cooking show | Explanada de Gaulle
20:00 Introduction to Sevilla with Andalusian Air and Flamenco Accent. Explanada de Gaulle
20:45 – 21:15 Restoration Masterclass / Mini recital| Escena Sevillana – Explanada de Gaulle
21:15 Giraldillo – “Bal Sevillan” |Sevillane Stage – Explanada de Gaulle
22:00 Cia Mercedes de Córdoba | Main Stage – Explanada de Gaulle 23.30 Gypsy Rumba |Sevillana Stage – Explanada de Gaulle


From July 1st to the 3rd: Master Class | Espacio de libertades

Dance: Beginners Level (Teacher to be confirmed) • Mercedes de Córdoba: Advanced Level. Guitar: Paco Carmona


Sunday 3rd of July – Les “Off” de Nuits Flamencas
21:30 Luis de la Carrasca | Verdor Teatro de Gémenos 5


Translation by Sally Erritsos-Dulson







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