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Pepe de Lucía takes home the Latin Grammy for ‘Un nuevo universo’

The cantaor Pepe Lucía, from Algeciras, is celebrating his second Latin Grammy win with his record ‘Un Nuevo universo’, after his prior win in 2003 for ‘El corazón de mi gente’…

Luck was on the side of the cantaor from Cadiz, Pepe de Lucía (Algeciras, 1945). The Latin Grammys 2021 have nodded to the flamenco art with the ‘Best Flamenco Music Album’ category, which has ended up being awarded to the record Un nuevo universo. This is the first album in fourteen years for Pepe de Lucía, and was produced by Alejandro Sanz.


 The brother of legendary guitarist Paco de Lucía and father of popular singer Malú has celebrated his second Latin Grammy, after his prior win in 2003 with El corazón de mi gente. On this occasion, he has beaten the following nominees: Rafael Riqueni, for Herencia; Paco Candela, for Alma de pura raza; María Toledo, for El Rey; and Israel Fernández and Diego del Morao, for Amor. They all fought for the trophy, which was taken home by the Jerez-born guitarist Antonio Rey in 2020 for Flamenco sin fronteras.


“I share this second Grammy with all of you who have supported me for so long. Kisses. I love you”, the award winner posted on his Instagram profile. “My life is in this album, everything that happens to me and has happened to me. That’s what I want to share with lots of people”, he said during an interview.


According to his record label, the cantaor and composer wanted to transmit his DNA through Un nuevo universo. We all inherit a real treasure from him: his wisdom, boldness, instinct, and wild, unbridled attitude. Throughout half of his life, Pepe de Lucía has established himself as one of the most important cantaores and composers within the creative territory of el cante, which is ruled by anonymous tradition.


José Sánchez Gómez, better known as Pepe de Lucía, released this new album in December 2020 to connect the two fields in which his career has taken place, that of copla and of cante de flamante. But he never loses sight of his roots – the traditional homeland of childhood which for all of us is our port of departure and eternal home where the past dwells.


You can see all of the Latin Grammy 2021 award winners at this link. 


Translation: Lauren Bleakley



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