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All Flamenco TV celebrates its third anniversary with a gala dedicated to Granada

All Flamenco, “Flamenco’s Netfix”, is a streaming service available in three different languages. This November it offers a special programming including its great gala to be broadcast from Granada’s Isabel La Católica theater

November is the quintessential flamenco month, since this art genre was declared UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage ten years ago, on November 16th. This glorious day also happens to be the anniversary of the All Flamenco channel.

All Flamenco was born three years ago as the only TV channel in the world focusing exclusively on flamenco, and its continuing success is due to the trust that artists, festivals, tablaos, dance companies and flamenco lovers have put in it. To celebrate, All Flamenco will throw a big party with a three-hour gala featuring leading artists of cante, baile and toque to be streamed live via All Arena, its own TV channel and its online platform.

On Sunday, November 15th, at 10 PM Spanish time (4 PM EST) the gala will be live-streamed on the All Arena platform, and from the day of its anniversary, November 16th, it will be available for all subscribers of Orange TV’s All Flamenco 4K and its online platform AllFlamenco.net.

Besides, during the month of November, its TV channel in the online platform will have a special programming and more surprises which will be revealed on the social networks. On Monday, November 16th, at 9 PM, the subscribers of the basic TV services of Orange España will be able to watch the gala in the All Flamenco 4K channel (number 69), like the thousands of other flamenco aficionados who can also watch the TV channel available from Orange France and from many other cable operators in Spain. From that time, the gala will also be available in the All Flamenco online platform (AllFlamenco.net) so that all aficionados who don’t have access to the TV channel will also be able to enjoy it from its various apps in computers, smartphones, intelligent TV sets and other devices such as Roku, Chromecast and AppleTV.


The best of flamenco, from Granada

Granada’s Isabel la Católica theater has been the stage selected to celebrate All Flamenco’s third anniversary. This three-hour gala will feature the following artists:

Baile: La Moneta, Claudia La Debla, Raquel Heredia ‘La Repompilla’.

Cante: Manuel Carmona ‘Nene de Santa Fe’, Juan Pinilla, Alfredo Tejada, Antonio Campos, Estrella de Manuela, Sergio Gómez ‘El Colorao’, Antonio El Turry, Amparo Heredia ‘Repompilla’.

Guitarra: Miguel Ángel Cortes, Miguel Ochando, Juan Habichuela, Alvaro Martinete, M de Puchero, Laboratorio Coreográfico de Flamenco Urbano.


All Arena, for the most impatient among us

In this great event, All Flamenco will introduce its sister platform All Arena, which is already broadcasting in the American continent.

All Arena is a new international multiplatform streaming service featuring all kinds of live and PPV shows from multiple countries, with a special focus on Latin America.

All Arena tickets are already available to enjoy the live streaming from Granada of the great All Flamenco Third Anniversary Gala in this new platform specialized in online events, on Sunday November 15th at 10 PM, Spanish Time (4 PM in Miami, 3 PM in Mexico City and 6 PM in Buenos Aires)


All Flamenco, the best stage to enjoy flamenco

All Flamenco is the only TV channel focusing exclusively on flamenco, and it is a trademark of the independent producer Digital Cornucopia S.L., a company that produces and distributes TV channels featuring specialized content. All Flamenco is backed by the Andalusian Flamenco Institute and Spain’s Ministry of Culture.

All Flamenco has been broadcast for three years in 4K format on Orange​ España, as well as in HD on Orange France and on many other local cable operators in Spain, currently having an audience of over two million spectators. All Flamenco is “Flamenco’s Netflix”, a streaming service available in three languages — Spanish, English and Japanese — in multiple apps for TVs, mobile devices and computers. It is a modern online platform adapted to the new habits of audiovisual consumption, attracting a global community of aficionados who can access its programming whenever they want from wherever they are. Besides, the All Flamenco team, always at the forefront of new technologies, continues launching apps to increase the number of devices it is available from.



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