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Andalusian flamenco at the FITUR tourism fair in Madrid

Andalusia will be present at the ‘Feria Internacional de Turismo de Madrid’ with an investment of over two million euros, having flamenco as the star attraction for tourists in 2020.

A total of fifty-seven thousand square feet have been allocated to Andalusia’s visitor’s area in the Feria Internacional de Turismo de Madrid (FITUR) 2020, which will take place between January 22nd and January 26th, 2020 at the Ifema conference and exhibition center. «Destiny will evolve the exposure of your proposal with an increased presence of new technologies, a personalized promotion according to the visitors’ needs and a clear focus on sustainability» stated Juan Marín, vice-president of the Junta and councillor of Tourism, in the presentation of this event.

Good weather, geographic diversity and gastronomy, as well as history and art, particularly flamenco, above all, are still the mainstays of the worldwide promotion of tourism in Andalusia, . The Junta de Andalucía has allocated a budget of about two million euros for this purpose, of which around 1.2 millions have been exclusively assigned for the exhibition.

The Flamenco Zone stands out in Andalusia’s visitor’s area. Here, visitors will be able to enjoy first-hand what this noble art means. The visitors — it’s estimated that one hundred seventy-one people stop by the Andalusian stand — will have access to all sorts of workshops such as footwork or palmas in a wide assortment of palos flamencos. Besides, there will be special activities on the weekend, such as a planned musical contest.

«We want to change Fitur’s dynamic to turn it into a virtual stage for all products in the region. This is a very important year, with many challenges and projects», explained Juan Marín.

Together with flamenco, another start product is Origen y destino, where Andalusian places that were essential in the first circumnavigation of the world (1519 – 1522) are highlighted. To commemorate the 500 years of this feat, an escape room, La clave Pigafetta (“The Pigafetta Key”), named after the expedition’s chronicler and featuring the story of Elcano and Magellan, will be available at the well-known Puerta del Sol location for everyone who is interested. This activity is sponsored by Cajasol.

Over two thousand feet of the Andalusian stand will feature audiovisual content to grab the attention of the visitors. At the same time, the space reserved for companies to promote their businesses has been increased by twenty percent.




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