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Manuel Liñán and Olga Pericet at the 32nd Festival Flamenco Alburquerque

The National Institute of Flamenco and the University of New Mexico, as happens every June, organizes the Festival Flamenco Alburquerque with the companies of Sergio de Lope, Lucía La Piñona, Belén López, Concha Jareño, Olga Pericet and Manuel Liñán, among others

June comes and Albuquerque is full of flamenco. This American city, the largest in the state of New Mexico, is a reference for this art thanks to its Festival Flamenco. In 2019, its 32nd edition takes place with eight days of fiesta when flamenco becomes its cultural epicenter, from June 15th to June 22nd    .

New Mexico is considered the center of flamenco in the United States, thanks in part to the organization of this festival, attended by over five thousand people who come to enjoy flamenco shows, conferences and workshops. In its 2019 edition, we can highlight the performances of the companies of Sergio de Lope with Ser de luzLucía La Piñona with EmovereBelén López with FlamencaConcha Jareño with Recital flamencoOlga Pericet with La espina and Manuel Liñán with ¡Viva!

Manuel Liñán’s ¡Viva!  and the fiesta flamenca

Manuel Liñán, awarded the 2017 Premio Nacional de Danza, will present his show ¡Viva! as the closing act of the festival. He gets into the skin of the flamenco woman everyone has deep inside, as the public witnesses a transformation never seen before in the world of flamenco

June 21st and 22nd will be the last days of the festival, featuring two fiestas flamencas. Galas full of stars with a lot of music. A place where the audience will be able to experience flamenco in all its expressions. «A spectacular exhibition of the most powerful and energetic flamenco with the leading artists of the festival», as the organizers put it.

About the Festival Flamenco Alburquerque

This project was born with the clear purpose of preserving and promoting flamenco’s art, history and culture among national and international communities. It seeks a very aesthetic experience, without forgetting the basic forms. Its educational aspect includes a series of activities consisting of over thirty conferences and workshops addressing various flamenco topics. From its history and development as artistic form to dance and the patterns of rhythmical sounds it uses.

«The courses are designed for students of all ages and backgrounds, creating a diverse environment across all generations promoting excellence, knowledge and personal growth», state the organizers.




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