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Power to the women in flamenco

The cantaora Lidia Montero opened to great acclaim the ‘13th Series Dedicated to the Women of Cádiz in Flamenco’ at the mythical Peña Juanito Villar in Cádiz

The young cantaora Lidia Montero (born in Villaverde del Río, Seville province, in 1987) was in charge of kicking off the XIII Ciclo Dedicado a la Mujer Gaditana en el Flamenco 2019 (13th Series Dedicated to the Women of Cadiz in Flamenco 2019) on the evening of October 4th. Joined by the Armenian artist and guitarist Vahan and the percussion of Julio Prenda, she presented her show Flamenco Social, which deals with the topic of inclusion.

Malagueñas, tientos tangos, milonga, soleá por bulería, cantiñas, seguiriyas and fandangos were in the repertoire offered by this cantaora to the aficionados who filled Peña Flamenca Juanito Villar to capacity.

Located at the foot of the famous Caleta beach in Cádiz, the mythical Peña Flamenca Juanito Villar has been organizing this series since 2007. Except for the first edition, every and each series has been dedicated to renowned female artists of Cádiz, women who have bolstered flamenco in this city and have showcased its art all over the world. Among the honored artists we can mention Adela la ChaquetaGertrudis JiménezLidia CabelloMariana CornejoLeo la TerremotoPatricia ValdésCarmen de la Jara and Encarna Anillo.

The 2019 medition is dedicated to cantaora Ana Polanco (born in Cádiz in 1987). It was precisely in 2011, when Ana, then just a young, promising artist, became the protégé of the great Mariana Cornejo, in the 5th edition of this series, when she was being honored. After getting started in baile flamenco at a young age in the academy of Pilar Ogalla, in Cádiz, Ana soon realized that she had a greater talent for cante.

This series will continue for the three remaining Fridays in October, starting at 10 PM. Admission is free until the venue is filled to capacity.

  • October 11th – Cante: Manoli de Gertrudis. Guitarra: Juan Ramón Ortega. Palmas: David Gavira and Jorge Bautista.
  • October 18th – Cante: Carmen de la Jara. Guitar: Antonio Carrión.
  • October 25th – Baile: Lidia Cabello. Cante: Miguel Núñez El Güito. Guitar: Miguel Ramos. Violin: Emilio Martín.


Photo above: Lidia Montero, granted by Lidia Montero / Photos below: Peña Juanito Villar





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