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We Love Flamenco 2020, the catwalk of flamenco

The 8th edition of the flamenco fashion event ‘We Love Flamenco 2020’ is taking place in Seville’s Alfonso XIII Hotel from January 14th to January 19th. About forty different fashion shows will reveal the flamenco trends for 2020

Polka dots, frills and mantoncillos. All is ready for the enjoyment of the new fashion trends of the world’s most important folk dress type, courtesy of We Love Flamenco, an event overflowing with flamenco inspiration with spectacular international projection, established as the first one to showcase the season’s trends, ahead of all other local fashion shows in southern Spain.

We Love Flamenco (WLF) 8th edition takes place between January 14th and January 19th, 2020, at Seville’s Hotel Alfonso XIII’s Salón Real, featuring an extra day of catwalking. As a novelty, the WLF20 calendar will include the 4th edition of Viva by WLF — featuring the newest fashion houses — which will take place on January 15th, 2020, returning to the place of it’s first edition in 2017.

This event is organized by GO! Eventos y Comunicación, a company owned by model and actress Laura Sánchez and her business partner Javier Vill. Attendees will be able to enjoy about forty different fashion shows featuring the new trends in flamenco clothing for 2020.

Highlights of this events are the opening show by Rocío Peralta, a designer from Seville who is in high demand by famous influencers, and the styles showcased by the Pol Núñez fashion house (January 16th), with its joyful and colorful designs. The same goes for the Meraki collection of Pablo Retamero and Juanjo Bernal (Friday, January 17th). «Making something with love and creativity, pouring our soul in it. Meraki is your own essence, reflecting your own beliefs», explained the designers in the social networks.


Program of We Love Flamenco 2020

Tuesday, January 14th
07:30 PM – Rocío Peralta
08:30 PM – Foronda & Rafa Díaz

Wednesday, January 15th (VIVABYWLF)
01:00 PM – Fundación Sanda Ibarra
04:30 PM – Gala Nóveles
06:30 PM – Errepé / Engalana
07:30 PM – Alfarera / Javier León
08:30 PM – Alba Calerón / Antonio Arcos
09:30 PM – Rosa León / Fundación Alalá

Thursday, January 16th
06:30 PM – Ana Ferreiro
07:30 PM – Ángela & Adel
08:30 PM – Flamenca Pol Núñez
09:30 PM – Pepa Garrido

Friday, January 17th
04:30 PM – Mario Gallardo
05:30 PM – Lola Azahares
06:30 PM – Rocío Márquez
07:30 PM – El Abanico Artesanía
08:30 PM – Rocío Olmedo
09:30 PM – Pablo Retamero & Juanjo Bernal

Saturday, January 18th
11:00 AM– Johanna Calderón
12:00 PM – Notelodig
01:00 PM – Pitusa Gasul
02:00 PM – Paco Prieto
04:30 PM – Mónica Méndez
05:30 PM – El Ajoli
06:30 PM – Carmen Acedo
07:30 PM – Santana Diseños
08:30 PM – Luisa Pérez
09:30 PM – José Hidalgo

Sunday, January 19th
01:00 PM – Lucía Herreros
02:00 PM – Ventura
04:30 PM – Daniel Robles
05:30 PM – Manuela Martínez
06:30 PM – Javier Mojarro
07:30 PM – José Manuel Valencia
08:30 PM – Laura de los Santos


During the six days of the fashion show — including the novelty catwalk Viva by WLF — admittance tickets can be purchased from the de We Love Flamenco website for 12 euros.




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