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‘Why do we dance?’, a Sky Arts documentary

Flamenco, through bailaora Eva Yerbabuena, is one of the protagonists of a Sky Arts documentary that explores the feelings and motivations which make people dance

The prestigious British telecom company Sky promotes art with its channel Sky Arts, where the public can enjoy different artistic genres from the comfort of their own homes. Among its programs we can find documentaries such as Why Do We Dance?, which explores the feelings and motivations that impulse people to dance.

Flamenco, naturally, is present in this series, featuring the bailaora Eva Yerbabuena. Besides Yerbabuena, other artists are featured, such as Wayne McGregor, Bill T. Jones, Lin Hwai Min, Germaine Acogny, Fernando Anuang’a and Aditi Mangaldas.

Flamenco in Sky Arts

The documentary is presented by the choreographer of contemporary dance Akram Khan, who has collaborated in the new artistic direction and in the creation of productions for the English National Ballet together with its director Tamara Rojo.

Why Do We Dance? is structured in several episodes that explore different points of view about the world of dance, allowing the public to know about the work of choreographers, dancers and influential people in this art. It’s all done attempting to find the answer to that great question: why do we dance?

«It’s a matter of captivating the viewers with the universal language of movement. It’s an accessible, intelligent, all-inclusive documentary that touches anyone who has ever felt the urge to dance or move, or who has been amazed by someone else’s movement», explained Philip Edgar-Jones, Sky Arts’ director.




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