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Women on centerstage at Córdoba’s “White Night of Flamenco”

María Terremoto, Remedios Amaya, La Macanita, Esperanza Fernández, Rosalía, Patricia Guerrero and Andalusia’s Ballet Flamenco are part of the lineup.

The 12th edition of the Noche Blanca del Flamenco in Córdoba is already in progress. It’s an evening filled with compás and lots of art. A total of eleven stages will feature in the program, with performances by artists such as María Terremoto, Remedios Amaya, La Macanita, Esperanza Fernández and Rosalía, among others. The plaza de toros (bullfighting ring), the Alcázar gardens and the plaza de la juventud (square of youth) are the new venues added to this Noche Blanca (literally, “White Night”).

Isabel Ambrosio, acting mayor of Córdoba, has presented this Noche Blanca. “Cantaoras, bailaoras and guitarists will pay homage to the women in flamenco to highlight the role of female artists throughout flamenco’s history”, she explained. “No other city in the world celebrates an evening as original as this”, stated Ambrosio.

The traditional cante of La Macanita or the controversial Rosalía

Flamenco and music for all tastes. From Sayama‘s flamenco-pop to the most pure cante of María Terremoto, Remedios Amaya, Esperanza Fernández and La Macanita. Plus, the always-controversial Rosalía, who is the lineup’s star with a midnight concert at the plaza de toros, which has a seating capacity for ten thousand people. This is one of the events in highest demand, with attendance available by exclusive, free invitation until seating capacity is reached. City Council is also considering streaming live the concert of this artist from Catalonia to another public space within the city.

Baile flamenco in the White Night

Out of the eleven stages, three of them will feature baile as the main protagonist. The Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía will take part for the first time in the Noche Blanca del Flamenco, opening the program at 10:30 PM, at Tendillas square, with its show Naturalmente Flamenco. The bailaora Patricia Guerrero, from Granada, will show off her talent at midnight in La Calahorra, and the bailaoras Mercedes de Córdoba and Lola Pérez — both from Córdoba — will perform on the stage of Patio de San Basilio at 11 PM.

Rosario Montoya, from Jerez, will play the piano with the group Mujeres Mediterráneas at Compás de San Francisco. The guitar will also have a special space at Patio de los Naranjos, where a musical ensemble called Dúo del Mar, formed by Marta Robles, flamenco guitarist, and Ekaterina Záytseva, classical guitarist, will perform.

Noche Blanca del Flamenco, Flamenco’s White Night.

The Noche Blanca del Flamenco has taken place in Córdoba since 2008. It has become, by its own merits, one of flamenco’s great events. Artists of the stature of Manolo Sanlúcar, Miguel Poveda, Fosforito, José Mercé, Lebrijano, Tomatito, Eva Yerbabuena, Dorantes and Enrique Morente, among others, have performed on its stages. It’s a showcase for flamenco artists from Córdoba and from all over the world.

Program of the 12th Noche Blanca. June 15th – June 16th, 2019

10:30 PM, Plaza de las Tendillas: Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía.

11:00 PM, Patio de San Basilio: Lola Pérez and Mercedes de Córdoba.

11:00 PM, Plaza de la Juventud, Remedios Amaya (invited artista: Ángeles Toledano).

12:00 AM, Plaza de Toros: Rosalía.

12:00 AM, Torre de la Calahorra: Patricia Guerrero.

12:30 AM, Plaza de San Agustín: La Macanita and María Terremoto.

12:30 AM, Patio de los Naranjos: Dúo del Mar – Marta Robles and Ekaterina Záytseva.

01:30 AM, Compás de San Francisco, Rosario Montoya + Mujeres Mediterráneas.

02:00 AM, Plaza de la Corredera: Sarayma.

03:00 AM, Plaza del Potro: Esperanza Fernández.

04.30 AM, Jardines del Alcázar: Rosario La Tremendita.


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