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ExpoFlamenco Jerez hosts the round table ‘Festival de Jerez: 25 years’

The director of the Festival de Jerez, Isamay Benavente, together with journalists and flamencologists, will take part in a round table at the ExpoFlamenco Jerez Shop to discuss the history of this renowned festival. The artists María Vargas, María del Mar Moreno and Javier Patino, among others, will also attend

Ever since ExpoFlamenco Jerez Shop opened in the heart of Jerez de la Frontera in the autumn of 2019, it has become a special place for flamenco lovers, not only for being a reference in the flamenco scene, but also for its many exhibitions, events and occasional live performances. In this regard, on Wednesday, February 19th at 1 PM, this shop on number 2, Corredera Street will host the round table Festival de Jerez: un cuarto de siglo  (“Festival de Jerez: 25 Years”). Admittance is free.

The event will be attended by Isamay Benavente — director of the Festival de Jerez — and by critics and flamencologists such as Manuel Bohórquez, Estela Zatania and Juan Garrido — from ExpoFlamenco editorial team — and Fran Pereira, Diario de Jerez journalist. The topic of this round table will be about the Festival de Jerez, its history and its role in contemporary flamenco. «Next year, this festival will celebrate its 25th anniversary and now it’s a good time to analyse its evolution», states Bohórquez, who will be the moderator. «At the beginning, the people of Jerez were not very fond of it, but it has become established as a great event in the world of flamenco, as can be attested by the multitude of people who come to experience it, with many foreign aficionados among them».

Besides those mentioned above, the artists Javier Patino, who performed at the 30th Festival de Nîmes, bailaora María del Mar Moreno and the celebrated cantaora from Sanlúcar María Vargas will also participate in the round table.

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Round Table

“Festival de Jerez: un cuarto de siglo”

Place: ExpoFlamenco Jerez Shop (2 Corredera Street – Jerez de la Frontera) 

Date: Wednesday February 19th, 1 PM

* Free admittance




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